Our Services

CMG brings deep, functional expertise, and is recognized for producing quality results.  We love what we do and we love the appreciation shown to us by our clients. If you're interested in any of our services, please contact us.
Pressure Washing

Dirt, debris, spills, stains, and even

chewing gum are removed from warehouse floors, storefront sidewalks, building facades, drive-thru areas, dumpster pads, and awnings. Parking garages benefit from pressure washing to remove dirt and brake dust from floors, walls, columns; as well as oil stains from parking spaces. Also recommended to remove abrasive winter de-icing agents.

Line Striping

  Critical to traffic law, line mrking and painted directional signs must be bright and visible. Handicap stencils, hash-outs, numbering/lettering, arrows, curbs, light pole bases, cross-walks, and bollards

should be repainted annually.

We also offer new layout/design and removal/blackout of old markings.

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Power Sweeping

The ride-on power sweeper is the most efficient method for removing loose dirt

and debris (brake dust, litter, leaves, etc.) from garage and warehouse floors. 

The use of backpack blowers helps to move debris from inaccessible areas to the drive aisle. Routine power sweeping may prolong the life of the concrete surface.

Power Scrubbing

Our ride-on scrubber applies detergent to clean the floor; and at the same time recovers the wash water; leaving a cleaned, relatively dry surface.  This method is also used effectively in areas without adequate drainage systems.

From walls to ceilings, columns, pipes, and railings, fresh paint makes it easier for drivers to see boundaries, creating a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers. White paint on walls and/or ceilings have actually increases lighting effect in an underground garage, without the expense of adding additional fixtures.
Dust Down

Ceilings, walls, beams, lights, and trusses inside warehouses and storage areas require periodic cleaning, and dust-down service. Back-pack vacuums equipped with hepa filters and damp cloth methods are incorporated to remove caked-on environmental dust.


Asphalt Repair & Sealcoating

Unsightly (and dangerous pot holes and cracks need repair. Then consider

an application of sealcoating. This process fills  minor cracks and provides a smooth,

clean protective coating that prevents

water penetration and oxidation.

Sealcoating prolongs the life of your

lot, and may reduce the chance for slips,

trips, and falls, as well as automobile

damage claims.